Morgan Dollars


OBVERSE: Most detail in head are worn smooth. All letters and date are clear. Cotton bolls flat and leaves merging in spots.

REVERSE: One-half of eagle right wing and one-third of left wing are smooth. All leaves in wreath are worn. Rim is complete.


OBVERSE: Hairline along face is clearly defined. Lower two cotton leave smooth but distinct from cap. Some wheat grains merging. Cotton bolls flat but two lines in each show clearly.

REVERSE: One-quarter of eagle right wing and edge of left wing are smooth. Head, neck, and breast are flat and merging. Tail feathers slightly worn. Top leaves in wreath show heavy wear.


OBVERSE: Smooth spots visible on hair from forehead to ear. Cotton leaves heavily worn but separated. Wheat grains show wear.

REVERSE: Some leaves on wreath are well worn. Breast is smooth and only a few feathers show on head. Tips of wings are weak but lines are complete.


OBVERSE: Wear shows on hair above date, forehead, and ear. Lines in hair well detailed. Flat spots visible on edges of cotton leaves. Cheek lightly worn.

REVERSE: Almost all feathers gone from breast. Tops of legs, wing tips, and feathers on head show wear. Talons are flat. Partial mint luster is visible.


OBVERSE: Traces of wear show on hair above ear, eye, edges of cotton leaves, and high upper fold of cap. Partial detail visible on tops of cotton bolls. Luster gone from cheek..

REVERSE: There are traces of wear on breast, tops of legs, wing tips, and talons. Three-quarters of the mint luster is still present.


A strictly UNCIRCULATED coin with no trace of wear, but with bag marks and other abrasions more obvious than for MS-63. May have a few small rim mars and weakly struck spots. Has full mint luster but may lack brilliance, and surface may be spotted or heavily toned. Business strike silver dollars were all placed in mint bags of 1,000 coins. Subsequent handling of bags caused bag marks and abrasions on virtually all coins, which should not be confused with circulation wear. Full mint luster and a lack of any wear are necessary to distinguish MS-60 from AU.


A strictly UNCIRCULATED coin with no trace of wear. Mint luster may be slightly impared, but overall the coin is rahter attractive. Numerous small contact marks and a few scattered heavy marks may be seen. Small hairlines may be visible with out magnifiaction.

Grading Standards are set by the American Numismatic Association as outlined in the Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins, Fifth Edition, copyright © 1996. This reference book is available for purchase for $13.95. Hyperlink to our Coin Supplies Page for more information.

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