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Nyx Booster

Journey into Nyx

15 card booster pack

Click to order #13623.......price $3.99

Journey into Nyx

Intro Packs

A ready to play 60 card deck

Two Nyx 15 card booster packs


Fates Forseen

Blue Red Deck

Featuring a foil Scourge of Fleets

Click to order # 13185.......price $14.99


Mortals of Myth

White,Green Deck

Featuring a foil Dawnbringer

Click to order #13186.......price $14.99


Voracious Rage

Black Red Deck

Featuring a foil Spawn of Thraxes

Click to order #13187.......price $14.99


Pantheon's Power

White Black Deck

Featuring a foil Doomwake Giant

Click to order #13188.......price $14.99


The Wilds and the Deep

Blue Green Deck

Featuring a foil Heroes' Bane

Click to order #13189.......price $14.99

Nyx fat pack

Journey into Nyx

Fat Pack

9 booster packs, 80 Basic Lands, 2 deck boxes

Players Guide with Complete Visual Encyclopedia

Khans Card Box, and a Spin Down Counter

Click to order #13625.......price $39.99

Nyx Event

Journey into Nyx Event Deck

Wrath of the Mortals

a red blue 60 card deck with 10 rares

plus a 15 card Sideboard

Click to order #13626.......price $24.99

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