Super Safe 3-Ring Binders

We recommend Super Safe brand 3-Ring Binders for the storage and display of your coin and currency collections. The Super Safe binders are specially designed for safe, flat storage of your paper currency, 8x10 photos, etc. using the new D-Ring binder construction. The D-Ring binder is far superior to the standard 3-ring binder. First, the sturdy metal rings are "D" shaped, not round, so your valuable collectibles will not be bent or damaged the way standard 3-ring binder can. Second, the Super Safe D-Rings are positioned on the back flap, not on the spine, so your pages always lay flat! Super Safe Binders measure 10.25 x 12 inches and are 2.75 inches thick (26 x 30.5 x 7 cm) We offer the Super Safe Binder in four colors (see ordering chart below).

Super Safe Binder (pages extra...see below)

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Super Safe Binders

Color Sample: Stock # Price
Dark Blue 00690 $23.00
Brown 00691 $23.00
Deep Red 00692 $23.00
Black 00693 $23.00

We also sell the pages for these binders! Many formats are available for coins, paper money, photos, trading cards, and more!

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