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Ancient Coin Collecting I

Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume I

Coins from ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, and more! This book is your road amp to finding your way around the ancient coin fraternity. Learn how to wisely buy and sell ancient coins and avoid the pitfalls that often hinder collectors! Discover how to interpret images and legends on ancient coins. More that 200 photos, 25 tables and charts, and a great pronunciation guide. By: Wayne G. Sayles. 197 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume II

Subtitled: Numismatic Art of the Greek World,this second volume in the series features Greek coins from the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Periods!Contains an expanded guide to attribution. Learn how to judge style and select specimens for your collection! Contains a wealth of historical background and production information. By: Wayne G. Sayles. 197 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting II

Ancient Coin Collecting III

Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume III

Subtitled: The Roman World - Politics and Propaganda,this third volume in the series traces Roman coins from the Empire's origin in the Third Century B.C. to its final days in the Fifth Century A.D.. Volume III also contains a comprehensive portrait gallery of Roman Emperors depicted of coins. Over 300 photos and illustrations for easy identification. By: Wayne G. Sayles. 198 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume IV

Subtitled: Roman Provincial Coins, this fourth volume in the series covers Roman coins from thereign of Augustus to the end of the Third Century A.D. Volume IV also contains a special section on the coins of Roman Egypt. Over 300 photos and maps, an illustrated guide to rulers of the era, and tables and maps of the mint cities and their dating system. By: Wayne G. Sayles. 198 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting IV

Ancient Coin Collecting V

Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume V

Subtitled: The Romaion/Byzantine Culture, this fifth volume in the series explores history, through coins, after the Fall of Rome. Volume V features an illustrated guide to rulers of Byzantium from A.D. 491 to 1453. In addition there is a special section on imitative issues by Peter Lampinen. Over 300 photos! By: Wayne G. Sayles. 197 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting

Volume VI

Subtitled: Non-Classical Cultures, this final volume in the series spans 1500 years of numismatic history, and sheds light on many dirvise civilizations that struke coinage in ancient times. This illustrated guide will reveal just how collectible this coinage can be.

300 photos By: Wayne G. Sayles 197 pages, Illust.

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Ancient Coin Collecting VI

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