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                                            MS-60                 MS-63
                         DATE     Inv #     Price      Inv #      Price
                         1921     10601    925.00      10701        POR
                         1922     10602     69.95      10702      99.95
                         1922d    10603     99.95      10703     175.00
                         1922s    10604     99.95      10704     175.00
                         1923     10605     69.95      10705      99.95
                         1923d    10606    220.00      10706     500.00
                         1923s    10607    110.00      10707     200.00
                         1924     10608     77.50      10708      99.95
                         1924s    10609    495.00      10709        POR
                         1925     10610     77.50      10710      99.95
                         1925s    10611    275.00      10711     550.00
                         1926     10612    165.00      10712     225.00
                         1926d    10613    275.00      10713     687.50
                         1926s    10614    175.00      10714     300.00
                         1927     10615    220.00      10715     485.00
                         1927d    10616    535.00      10716        POR
                         1927s    10617    550.00      10717        POR
                         1928     10618    825.00      10718        POR
                         1928s    10619    450.00      10719        POR
                         1934     10620    300.00      10720     450.00
                         1934d    10621    315.00      10721     675.00
                       1934s    10622     POR        10722      POR
                         1935     10623    220.60      10723     385.00
                         1935s    10624    540.00      10724     975.00

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The History of the Peace Dollar (1921-1935):

In 1920 the American Numismatic Association proposed a half dollar or dollar coin to commemorate the end of hostilities between the Imperial German Government and the United States. Although the bill died in Congress, the Peace Dollar was struck the very next year under the provisions of the Act of 1890 which states that, under certain circumstances, a coin can be redesigned without Congressional approval. Under the terms of the Pittman Act, Peace Dollars continued to be produced as old silver dollars were melted and sold to Britain and new silver was purchased. The Peace Dollar is the first coin, from any country, to bear the word "Peace". Peace Dollars were struck from 1921 to 1928 at which time the provisions of the Pittman Act were satisfied. No Peace Dollars were minted for the following five years. In 1934 and 1935 Peace Dollar production was resumed under Executive Proclamation. The 1935 Peace Dollar was the last silver dollar issue for general circulation by the United States.

The Peace Dollar was designed by Anthony De Francisci. His monogram is located in the field of the coin under the neck of Liberty. The obverse depicts Liberty for which De Francisci's then 23 year old wife modelled. The "radiate" crown recalls both the head dress on ancient Roman coins as well as that of the Statue of Liberty. The reverse shows an eagle in a less militant pose than the its predecessor, the Morgan Dollar.

It should be noted that the spelling of the word "TRVST" is both intentional and correct. The U and V have been interchangeable from early Latin writing until the 16th century. In modern times, the V is still often used in place of a U in upper case writing on official documents, monuments, and most government buildings.

The composition of the Peace Dollar was 90% silver and 10% copper. These coins had a weight of 26.73 grams, a diameter of 38.1mm, and a reeded edge. Peace Dollars were struck in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Dollars struck in Philadelphia bear no mint mark.

Key to abbreviations used on this page:

D (Denver): The 'D' mint mark is located on the reverse, near the rim, below the tips of the eagle's tail feathers.

S (San Francisco): The 'S' mint mark is located on the reverse, near the rim, below the tips of the eagle's tailfeathers. . Note: Dollars struck in Philadelphia bear no mint mark.

Grading Peace Dollars Grading Standards for Peace Dollars from very good to mint state.

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