Also called Liberty Head Halves


OBVERSE: Entire design well worn with very little detail remaining. Legend and date are weak but visible. LIBERTY is worn away.

REVERSE: Eagle is worn flat but is completely outlined. Ribbon is worn nearly smooth. Legend weak but visible. Rim worn to tops of letters.


OBVERSE: Entire head is weak, and most detail in the face are heavily worn. Three letters in LIBERTY are clear. Rim is complete.

REVERSE: Eagle shows only a small amount of detail. Arrows and leaves are flat. Most of the shield is very weak. Parts of eye and motto are visible.


OBVERSE: Some details show in hair, cap, and facial features. All letters in LIBERTY are weak but visible. Upper row of leaves is outlined, but bottom row is worn nearly smooth. Rim is full and bold.

REVERSE: Half of the feathers are plainly visible. Wear spots show in center of neck, motto, and arrows. Horizontal shield lines are merged; vertical lines are separated. Letters in legend are worn but clear.


OBVERSE: Over half the details still show in leaves. Hair and ribbon worn but bold. Every letter in LIBERTY is visible Bottom folds in cap are full.

REVERSE: The shield is worn but all details are visible. Half the details in feathers are clear. Wings and legs show small wear spots. Motto is clear.


OBVERSE: Light wear show on leaves, cheek, cap, and hair above forehead. LIBERTY is sharp and band edges are clear.

REVERSE: High points of head, neck, wings, and tail are lightly worn, but all details are clearly defined. Leaves show traces of wear at edges. Traces of mint luster may still show.

Grading Standards are set by the American Numismatic Association as outlined in the Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins, Fifth Edition, copyright © 1996. This reference book is available for purchase for $13.95. Hyperlink to our Coin Supplies Page for more information.

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