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2x2 Mylar Coin Holders

These 2" x 2" white cardboard holders offer an inexpensive and safe way to protect and store your coins. Easy to use: just fold over and staple! Round holes in the center display both sides of the coin, while the mylar lining holds the coin securely in place. Mylar is inert and will not harm your coins like vinyl or plastic containing PVC. Available in seven sizes.

2x2 Photo

Example: Coin in a 2x2 Mylar Holder

Size Stock Number Quantity Price
Cent 01510 100 $5.95
Nickel 01503 100 $5.95
Dime 01504 100 $5.95
Quarter 01511 100 $5.95
Half Dollar 01512 100 $5.95
Dollar 01513 100 $5.95
Small Dollar 01507 100 $5.95
Cent 02148 25 $1.99
Nickel 02149 25 $1.99
Dime 02150 25 $1.99
Quarter 02151 25 $1.99
Half Dollar 02152 25 $1.99
Dollar 02153 25 $1.99
Small Dollar 02179 25   $1.99


Plastic, double pocket holder, folds in half. One side holds the coin while the other holds a paper insert upon which you can write identification information. When folded over, the paper insert becomes a background for the coin. These holders are inert, PVC free. Safety Flips are sold in packages of 100 pieces.

order #00805.......price $16.75

Flip Photo

Example: Coin in a 2x2 Safety Flip

2x2 Hard Plastic Snap Locks

Made from a clear, hard polystyrene, these holders feature a double seal to protect coins from damaging air and moisture. Holders have notched edges for easy opening. Though not completely airtight, they are an inexpensive holder for display and long-term storage. Available in a variety of sizes, including sizes for sets of coins. All are PVC free.

Plastic 2x2 Photo

Example: Coin in a Hard Plastic Holder

Size Stock Number Price
Cent 02164 $0.99
Nickel 02165 $0.99
Dime 02166 $0.99
Quarter 02167 $0.99
Half Dollar 02168 $0.99
Dollar 02169 $0.99
Silver Eagle 02172 $0.99
Small Dollar 02170   $0.99  
For every 25 of a size you order,
we will send you a free storage box!!!

2x2 Deluxe Coin Holders

Featuring foam inserts with American Banking Association color codes for easy sorting on the front along with denomination, date, and grade information. also features a black reverse for arranging on eye catching display at coin exhibits. Durable, safe protection for the professional or private collector. Available in a variety of sizes, easy loading , safe for all coins.

Deluxe Coin Holder

Size Stock Number Price
Cent 16013 Pkg. of 6 $8.99
Nickel 16014 Pkg. of 6 $8.99
Dime 16015 Pkg. of 6 $8.99
Quarter 16016 Pkg. of 6 $8.99
Half Dollar 16017 Pkg. of 6 $8.99
Large Dollar 16018 Pkg. of 6 $8.99  
Small Dollar 16019 Pkg. of 6 $8.99  

We also carry a full line of AirTite Coin Holders

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